The True Cost of Cheap SEO

The True Cost of Cheap SEO

Cheap search engine optimization may seem like a good deal on the front end, but it has a much higher cost over the long term. Here are some of the true costs of cheap SEO.

– First, cheap search engine optimization will cause a loss of trust between your website and the major search engines.

There are many reasons to stay away from bad search engine optimization techniques. One reason outweighs them all: You will be distrusted by the major search engines and eventually blacklisted. There is no way around this – underhanded techniques can be punished retroactively. It is simply not worth it. For a few days or weeks of page one visibility, you destroy the longevity of your brand online. There are many companies that have had to change their name and get an entirely new IP network for exactly this reason.

– Second, correcting mistakes is more expensive than any quick visibility can pay for.

If you do not get your site blacklisted, you will be weighed down under a plethora of negative PR until you fix the problems that you have created. However, once you have started, you will never see the results until you are finished. Finishing can take months or even years. Even if you fix everything that the search engines want you to fix, you will still be behind the eight ball for the new changes that they are constantly making.

Google is becoming especially harsh on short term SEO techniques says John from SEO company You do not need Google mad at you – it controls somewhere around 85% of all web traffic.

– Third, your competition will be lapping you while you focus on the wrong things.

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization is not a week by week concept. You need a website that can be easily indexed by the major search engines so that when changes are made, your content will be automatically repurposed under the correct keywords. If you focus on the short-term, your competition will receive this automated treatment while you have to navigate every change that you make.

There are many other reasons that you should stay away from cheap search engine optimization; however, the above three reasons should be enough. Play by the rules, and you will come out ahead in the long run. If you do not have the time to control your own SEO, hiring a third party specialist is a great investment.

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