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PageRank Verification

The PageRank Verification Seal will show your partners right away that the PageRank of your web page is checked and verified. Our autonomous PageRank Verification will help you for example with domain/link sales or exchanges since you can establish the necessary mutual trust without much effort.

A click on the Verification Seal will start the check directly. Entering the URL and Security Code is not needed and a confirmation of the validation is shown so that your partners will have our neutral check varified in return.

Verification Seal:PageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verified
PageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verified
PageRank verified

W3C-Style:PageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verifiedPageRank verified

In order to apply the Verification Seal to your web page you have to perform the PageRank Verification for the wanted web page first. On verification of the PageRank you can request the seal and get the relevant code for your page.

Please keep in mind that the provided code has to be copied unchanged so that the verification can be started anytime by clicking on the seal.

Web pages decorated with our seal without the possibility for the user to perform the verification (e.g. by deleting the correct link) will be banned from our service and a warning will be sent out.

PageRank™ und Google™ sind geschützte Marken der Google Inc., Mountain View CA, USA.

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