The True Cost of Cheap SEO

The True Cost of Cheap SEO

Cheap search engine optimization may seem like a good deal on the front end, but it has a much higher cost over the long term. Here are some of the true costs of cheap SEO.

– First, cheap search engine optimization will cause a loss of trust between your website and the major search engines.

There are many reasons to stay away from bad search engine optimization techniques. One reason outweighs them all: You will be distrusted by the major search engines and eventually blacklisted. There is no way around this – underhanded techniques can be punished retroactively. It is simply not worth it. For a few days or weeks of page one visibility, you destroy the longevity of your brand online. There are many companies that have had to change their name and get an entirely new IP network for exactly this reason.

– Second, correcting mistakes is more expensive than any quick visibility can pay for.

If you do not get your site blacklisted, you will be weighed down under a plethora of negative PR until you fix the problems that you have created. However, once you have started, you will never see the results until you are finished. Finishing can take months or even years. Even if you fix everything that the search engines want you to fix, you will still be behind the eight ball for the new changes that they are constantly making.

Google is becoming especially harsh on short term SEO techniques says John from SEO company You do not need Google mad at you – it controls somewhere around 85% of all web traffic.

– Third, your competition will be lapping you while you focus on the wrong things.

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization is not a week by week concept. You need a website that can be easily indexed by the major search engines so that when changes are made, your content will be automatically repurposed under the correct keywords. If you focus on the short-term, your competition will receive this automated treatment while you have to navigate every change that you make.

There are many other reasons that you should stay away from cheap search engine optimization; however, the above three reasons should be enough. Play by the rules, and you will come out ahead in the long run. If you do not have the time to control your own SEO, hiring a third party specialist is a great investment.

Understanding Google Pigeon and Local SEO

Pigeon, the latest search engine algorithm change recently implemented by Google, is focused on optimizing local search results. In order to increase your visibility within the Google search engine, you will need to understand what the program is looking for and how it punishes websites that do not adhere to a certain standard.

Here are some of the top Google Pigeon tips.

– Schema

Schema is the organizational standard for Google. Make sure that your website is organized according to these standards so that it can be easily indexed in local searches. Adhering to this will give you an instant boost in local search.

– Your Analytics

If you have not yet set up a 404 pathway for your website, do so immediately. This is one of the best ways to track errors that occur in your website. It is essential to eliminate these errors before Pigeon marks your website as buggy. This demarcation will ensure that your search results are buried in Google.

– Optimizing for the Mobile Platform

It is no longer a luxury for your website to be responsive to mobile operating systems. Pigeon has a very public demarcation for preferred websites as “mobile friendly” that will help your search engine statistics tremendously. Google considers mobile the next new frontier when it comes to local search, and it has programmed Pigeon to respond to this philosophy.

If you do not have a dedicated mobile website, set one up as soon as you can. This is not necessarily a must have, but you can rest assured that it will be in the near future. Stay ahead of the curve so that you do not have to spend more money later and possibly fight negative flags from the Pigeon program.

– Reviews of Your Website

Although Google is characteristically quiet about the specifics of its algorithm, it is well-known that Pigeon lists businesses that have reviews much more readily than businesses that do not. Solicit these reviews and make sure that they are as positive as possible. Pigeon does have the capacity to distinguish between a positive and negative review. This will be reflected in your search engine results.

Because Pigeon is a Google program that is focused on local search, you can be sure that a large portion of its algorithm is geared to searching Google Places. If you can only get reviews in one place, make this the place.

– Performing Basic Website Optimization Maintenance

If your website does not have headers or meta-tags, be sure that you add these as soon as possible. Even if you do not have the time to create a fully optimized presence online, these basic steps do not take very long to implement.

Integrating Tools Like a Backlink Checker into SEO Strategies

Integrating Tools Like a Backlink Checker into SEO Strategies

The most important part of search engine optimization occurs not on the individual website or web page, but it occurs with the research conducted to analyze SEO metrics. This is why the most successful optimization incorporates Google PageRank, a backlink checker, keyword analysis, competition measurement and more when link building for SEO.

For example, consider just how effective a backlink checker is. It can analyze the backlinks that a page receives, which means it can be as effective at analyzing the target page’s SEO as it can be for finding sources of backlinks used by competitors.

The more advanced the backlink checker, the more versatile it becomes while the clarity of what pages effect the success of a page in Google becomes crystal clear.

This is where Google PageRank enters the picture with regards to backlink checkers. It’s one of the most important metrics for determining how powerful an individual link is, especially when combined with other metrics like outbound links and domain authority.

These metrics allow for users to evaluate individual backlinks to devise a picture that makes sense. The proverbial “cream of the crop” of backlinks can then be chosen to enhance any current SEO efforts. The best links may often be pointed directly towards the target website for the best gains in search engine rankings.

These statistics serve another purpose when filtering links for viability. They can allow for users to weed out potentially dangerous links that would otherwise be targeted by automated spam or malicious individuals whom could harm a website’s standings in Google and other search engines.

This makes the integration of tools for SEO a vital part of ensuring that SEO stays both efficient and safe for the target website.

When this process of link filtering and refinement occurs over time, link building for SEO becomes both more successful and more efficient. Inbound links with more authority develop websites into sources of authority, which in turn allow for them to rank higher without SEO in search engines. This cycle continues to complement itself until a website becomes a genuine authority resource that may be referenced by even more authoritative sources like online encyclopedias.

The integration of backlink checkers and other tools designed to evaluate the efficiency and authority of links is a natural step that only strengthens SEO efforts. These tools provide for methodological ways for websites to reinforce their current search engine rankings or to push their rankings even higher than before.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Smart Tips to Write for the Buyer Personas

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Smart Tips to Write for the Buyer Personas

Search engine optimization (SEO) was created as an industry to encourage web copywriters to write for the search engines, only. Once Google realized this was their intention, there was an algorithm released to destroy millions of websites based off keywords alone. The Panda update took down some of the longest running, profitable websites on the web without warning.

Smart marketers have created a solid approach to handling such events with caution. Now, the use of SEO is rare, but it’s still an important aspect of business. A rearranged notion of SEO includes writing for the buyer persona, targeting an specific industry and building relationships with other webmasters for backlink support.

Beware of Google Algorithm Updates

Professionals lost millions of dollars from prospective customers; thus had to create new ways to attract clients back to their site when the update threw them on the 10th page of search rankings. An unexpected change in this can harm any business thriving from search engines.

Write for the Buyer

SEO is not only designed for the search engines, but for the buyers. A well-formatted and organized website can receive its proper indexing from the search engines to draw searchers to the website. Avoid stuffing content with irrelevant keywords. Webmasters must use natural, organic content built on one central idea (or niche) designed for a particular buyer persona.

Definition of Buyer Personas

Prior to developing a web presence, it’s advised to discover the buyer persona necessary to make sales online. A business’ ideal customer needs its full attention through content strategy including SEO campaigns, product development & design, implementation of video marketing and more. Once a buyer persona is developed, it is easier to create content to help the customer along the buying process faster.

Develop Relationships with Webmasters

Online marketing requires link building and building rapport with many webmasters to host your back link. Dependent on the webmaster, a company cam embed links to different content for different reasons.

A use of keywords in content, but external links to other personal content is key to managing link strategies online. Google will appreciate this and allow your site a chance to index itself without facing penalties.

It takes time to develop a strong presence online. With the right SEO strategies and content devleopment, anyone can stand a chance against larger companies online.

Building the Best Links

The online world is full of competition that can make it very difficult for your website and brand to easily come onto a user’s radar. Despite the competition, there are some valuable strategies that web developers and online entrepreneurs employ in order to drive traffic to their site. Backlinking provides you with a proven method of directing people who are genuinely interested in your material to your domain. Successful online campaigns employ links to your site from other websites that are related to your products or content, increasing the number of eyes on your work each and every day. The problem is that as sites grow in stature and more resources are poured into a website, the number of backlinks to your material can eventually be out of your control. The result can be associations with websites that are less than refutable or investments made in a backlinking campaign that is not really making a positive impact on the traffic that your page experiences.

The solution for tackling these problems is to employ a quality backlink checker. This small SEO (search engine optimization) tool can allow you to check the number of backlinks for your content in addition to the quality of the links. When both of these factors are outstanding, you gain many online advantages. In addition to a potential increase in web-based business, your rankings on the most popular search engines increase as well.

This kind of tool functions by checking your link or website based on a number of different parameters. The number of backlinks is totaled while the other, more comprehensive information is gathered as well. This in-depth material includes the page rankings of the websites linking back to you, the anchor text that is used for linking, and any potential red flags that may be present in association with the sites linking to your material.

This tool should be used as a safeguard for your online integrity and complete standing in the eyes of users and search engines. While novices to online campaigning may think that quantity rules over quantity when it comes to Google rankings, there should be a few asterisks regarding this statement. Search engines are sophisticated enough to evaluate the quality of the material being used to drive traffic to your site in order to deter any kind of marketing manipulation. The best results come from performing a complete audit of your site using this tool once a year. This kind of effort can also help you determine what areas of the web are the most productive. It can help to perform evaluations of the most profitable link-building areas, including social-media platforms, blogs, and direct advertising.

Smart Link Building Strategies for Melbourne and Sydney

Smart Link Building Strategies for Melbourne and Sydney

A link building strategy has to have effective content, relationships and connections to prospective buyer personas. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a small aspect of building one’s online presence; small business owners must have an understanding of a customer’s needs, wants and encourage them to make their purchases from their business.

Contextual Relationships Between Links

Information for customer satisfaction lies in the link placements in content and on guest posting sites. If a small business owner posts a guest blog, s/he has an option to include back links to his company website which increases traffic in the long run. Link building is a contextual makeup of real information provided in content then referrals to extended details on a company website.

Case of Video Marketing Links

Back links with video content are growing beyond any marketer’s imagination. Without video, marketers and small businesses are stuck with excessive bounce rates and lack of customer respect. Video marketing in a SEO strategy increases customer’s attentiveness for a business’ products and services.

Videos also enriches one’s content and accessibility for online buyers with little understanding of jargon, limited vocabulary and curiosity of what a company has to offer. Unlike the basics of SEO, video marketing for back links are drawing attention to larger competitors too. Small businesses should invest in video marketing for their SEO campaigns done by SEO Melbourne company

Remain relevant in the marketing field.
Provide in-depth content in the form of reachable downloads.
Encourage customers to remain on the website and move into the next segment of the buying process.

Stick to A Plan

Content strategies involving back links, videos and downloadable content is necessary for a strong web presence. With embedded links across the web, a small business owner may seem larger than life to prospective buyers. Consider the possibilities for influencing prospects to believe in the products the business offers.

Smart, tech-savvy changes to a current SEO strategy will help a business succeed online. Write each article with care as if it is the last chance to change someone’s mind. Make videos with buyer personas in mind; keep the options open for customers to become loyal and willing to learn as much as possible about a company’s offers.


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